Firehouse Subs

Sandwiches are quite possibly my favorite food, so when I was craving one the other day and decided to stop by my local Firehouse Subs. I don’t know that Firehouse has a particular claim to fame, other than being “founded by firemen” and having firehouse themed stores, but their bread is good, they use lots of meat, cheese, and veggies on their sandwiches, and they serve them toasted, which I love. My favorite is the Club on a Sub:

Club on a Sub

Club on a Sub

This sandwich has smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham topped with Monterey Jack cheese and crispy bacon, served hot and “Fully Involved” (their version of “dressed”). Yum! I get mine on wheat, which has almost a sweet taste and is always warm, but never crunchy.

Another of my fav’s is their meatball sub. Firehouse has great subs and great service. I look forward to seeing them expand around Atlanta.

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  • Michelle

    It feels so good to hear someone else say they dig sandwiches as much as I do. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite food is and i said “sandwiches” and it drew a strange look in response. There are so many combinations, who couldn’t love a good sandwich?
    Anyway, I had Firehouse’s chili on a Shreveport trip. Also a good menu choice.

  • Jessica

    Yeah you can definitely come up with some really great combos!! I guess I should have said “fav fast food sandwich” because I’ve come up with some interesting things with what’s leftover in the fridge.

    Not a fan of chili for some reason. My mom makes some which I’m told is good but I’ve never actually tasted it

  • Jennifer

    I am Turkey only girl. I am not very adventurous with my sandwiches. I like Firehouse but I would have to say that Publix makes the best sandwiches. They have the best cheese.

  • Watch Me Eat

    Unfortunately, I can’t say I like Firehouse Subs. Every time I got to the local store near me, the toasted sandwiches always come out really burnt. Besides from that, their sandwiches seem like they would be good, but I can’t get over the charcoal taste.