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On a slightly overcast but still beautiful Saturday afternoon, I began to crave some well-seasoned steamed crab legs and a nice shady patio to enjoy them on. I didn’t want to make a long drive so I started searching for an intown spot that could quell my cravings. Enter Baltimore Crab & Seafood. Located in the [trying to be] hip Castleberry Hills, this place was a hole-in-the-wall if I’ve ever seen one. The “restaurant” is basically just a single room with a counter and refrigerated case where you order and some bar style seating looking out onto Peters St. However, BCS shares space with Pearl Lounge, which is in the rear of the building and offers sit-down accommodations. Interestingly, the original BCS is not located in Baltimore, but in Philadelphia. The only other location is here in Atlanta.

Walking into the establishment, Mario and I were greeted by loud protestations to a refrigerator case repairman and yelling into a cell phone–both from girls working behind the counter. Not the best sign. We picked up a menu from the counter and took about 5 minutes to decide what to order. Mario got a half dozen fried jumbo shrimp, and I had a pound of the snow crab legs I’d been craving (they also offer Dungeoness). We got small orders of macaroni & cheese and candied yams to share.

Shrimp and sides

Shrimp and sides

Snow Crab Legs

Snow Crab Legs

In the 20 minutes spent waiting for our food we found out that the cell phone yelling was a manager trying to handle a customer refund at the store in Philly. Interesting. Tip: Call ahead and order for fast pickup. We carried out our food since there were a few people standing around the room and I still wanted to enjoy the day on a patio. As it turns out, I had to “settle” for Mario’s balcony, but I promptly got to cracking crab legs.

Happy Face

Happy Face

Oh. My. Goodness. Those crab legs were so juicy and delicious. Well seasoned with Old Bay, spiciness that made my lips tingle slightly (my tell for good boiled/steamed shellfish–except crawfish. Those need to be spicy enough to make my nose run), and yummy butter for dipping. Mario had a similar out of body experience with his fried shrimp. We didn’t even talk to each other for a full 5 minutes as we were too busy stuffing our faces. The sides were also amazing, especially the candied yams. Really authentic “like grandma used to make ‘em”, about half mashed and half chunks, and probably too sweet to be healthy.

So, despite the interesting location and environment, this is an amazing seafood spot! As a testament, I started writing this post last Saturday, and one week later I’m finishing it up…seasoning from Baltimore Crab & Seafood under my fingernails once again.

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  • Randall

    How long has this restaurant been open? I’ve been to Castleberry Hill for a studio project 3 years ago, and I don’t remember where this was, if it was there at the time…..

    I understand the ‘trying to be hip’ statement; it’s getting cleaned up like a lot of places around Atlanta….it’s a place I wouldn’t mind visiting 5 years from now to see how it’s changed.

    Nice review though, I don’t even eat crab legs (don’t know why) and I might check this out, gives me a reason to go back there!

  • Jessica

    I’m not really sure how long it’s been open. You may not have noticed it, I don’t think there was a large sign or anything. I believe it’s next door to Slice.

    Well, as crazy as it is that you don’t eat crab legs (!!), the fried shrimp were really good too :-)