Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

I thought it fitting to start my Baton Rouge reviewing with my favorite fast food joint in town.   Raising Cane’s has 4 menu combos, all iterations of the one item they serve: chicken fingers.



Raising Cane’s (or “Cane’s” in local lingo) first opened on the North side of LSU (and ~1 mile from my high school) in 1996.  My first bite of Cane’s happened around 2002, when my best friend walked me over after cheerleading practice.  From then on, I was hooked.  My “usual” is a 3-finger combo with an extra sauce and lemonade, shown here:

3-Finger Combo

3-Finger Combo

Though in years past all of my meals at Cane’s were excellent, I’ll be honest and say that in my opinion, with expansion has come a decrease in quality.  Their chicken fingers and fries are good, but not great, and I could swear that the Texas Toast that comes with every meal used to have a garlicky flavor that is no longer present.  However, the fingers, fries, and bread aren’t what keep me going back to Cane’s.  It’s the sauce. 

Cane’s sauce is the stuff of legend.  Employees have to sign confidentiality agreements promising to never reveal its contents.  A web search provides numerous sites speculating on the ingredients.  Non-Louisianians, think Zaxby’s Zax Sauce…but better.  I like to dip everything in my combo box in the sauce, though I’ve known some to adulturate their experience with ketchup.  Canes’ fresh-squeezed lemonade (which I believe is now offered year-round) is my favorite way to top off a meal.

Though I wish Raising Cane’s would look more at ensuring consistent quality and keeping their prices low (they seem to have increased every time I’m home), this is still my favorite way to begin and end a trip to Baton Rouge.


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  • Annie

    I’m sorry that your recent experience at Cane’s was unsatisfactory. I am currently employeed at Raising Cane’s and can assure you that the same products you enjoyed in 2002, are the products which we serve today. We are very dedicated to consistency. Everything must be done, “The Cane’s Way.” This includes serving quality food, prepared fresh, daily.

    Our french fries have always been premium Idaho, long crinkle-cut french fries.
    Our toast is texas-cut toast with garlic salt and butter, which we combine and melt ourselves.
    Our chicken fingers are chicken tenderloins marinated for 24 hours and then battered with milk, eggs, and flour, all of which the employees prepare every morning.
    Someone spends atleast an hour every morning squeezing the lemonade that you love so much.

    Fresh chicken and lemons are delivered three times a week.
    Toast is delivered daily.

    Our recent price raise, occuring about 2 years ago, was a direct result of chicken costs.

    The location you recently visited is apparently not up to par with Cane’s very high standards, but I assure you that all of the ingredients are the same quality that they have always been.