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One thing I love about keeping this blog is that it makes me actually think about what I’m putting in my mouth. Revisiting some of my favorite Baton Rouge eateries with a more objective eye can either leave me slightly disappointed or remind me why I love a place. I hope that my readers learn something by keeping up with First Bite (like in the Jamaica or crawfish bisque posts) and learn to think about what they’re eating as well! Now, on to the sushi…

Tsunami is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Baton Rouge (though to be fair, I think I’ve only visited 3). Though not nearly the first sushi restaurant in the city, it was the first place I tried sushi and I think played a major role in bringing sushi en vogue in Baton Rouge. The bar scene and rooftop Mississippi River view draw crowds in the evenings (or, they did a few years ago; the party may have moved elsewhere by now) and they have great happy hour drink and sushi specials. I love going in the late afternoon when the restaurant isn’t very busy and taking a table by the large windows overlooking the river, which is what I did Thursday.

View from Tsunami

View from Tsunami

I decided to stray from my favorites and try something different just for the blog: South Louisiana-friendly Biggus Roll (tempura oysters, snow crab, avocado with Tsunami sauce) and Dynamite Roll (diced tuna, yellowtail, fresh salmon, avocado & spicy sauce).

Biggus and Dynamite Rolls

Biggus and Dynamite Rolls

I have to pat myself on the back for my photos of lunch! Seeing them full-sized and in their 12MP glory makes a difference though :-) No first bites here, I still have not mastered the art of videoing myself eating without wobbly camera work or looking slightly crazy. The Biggus Roll was quite BIG, and I loved the crunch and flavor of the tempura oysters inside. I wasn’t a fan of the obviously fake snow crab though, it didn’t add anything to the roll taste- or texture-wise. I remember Tsunami having really fresh and delicious fish, so I don’t know if the fish in my Dynamite Roll reflects an overall decrease in quality or just some post-lunch rush leftovers, but I didn’t think the tuna and salmon were at their peak. They weren’t playing around with the spicy sauce on the roll, but I really liked the kick it added.

I think to really judge whether much has changed at Tsunami, I’ll have to go back and try my “regular” (Lava Roll). They also have an outstanding dessert, “Tsinful Chocolate Tsunami”, which is AMAZING. If you haven’t tried it, do so, now!

Tsunami Sushi has locations in downtown Baton Rouge and downtown Lafayette.


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  • Kelli

    Tsunami is one of my favorite places in Louisiana to eat sushi. There is this one roll that I wish they would make and its called the Big Easy Roll. It was along the lines of a crunchy roll but three times the size. You got eight rolls and it had crawfish, zesty sauce found on the Zach Roll and some other stuff that I can’t think of at the moment. It was one of the Chef’s specialty which is why it’s not on the menu.

  • Jessica

    Thanks for the comment Kelli!

    I remember seeing the Big Easy Roll on the menu, but never got around to trying it. I guess they might rotate menu items to keep things interesting.

  • http://www.mizzscoopreport.blogspot.com Charis S.

    My faves: Zach’s Special & the Shrimp Tempura roll…and the lady chef in there will make this quick, chilled, cucumber & crab salad as a little appetizer…it is TO DIE FOR!