Holeman+Finch Public House

Another “finally!” culinary experience this weekend was trying the oft-discussed Holeman+Finch Public House burger. H+F offers only 24 burgers a night at 10pm on a first-come, first-served, no reservations basis. The burger is only even listed on the menu for Sunday brunch, when they make ~70, and is also when Mario and I decided to stop in and try it out.

The Burger

The Burger

After we got out of church around 12:45, I suggested H+F for brunch. I decided to call ahead and see what the wait was like (I was expecting a packed house) and thankfully, since the restaurant opens for brunch at 12:30, the host said there was no wait for parties of 2 at that point. We drove right over and ended up having to wait about 10 minutes.

Our service at Holeman+Finch was less than admirable. When we found the hostess to show us to our table (we knew it was ready or close to being so because at least 3 tables had left within our 10 min wait time) she sort of led us in the direction of our table and then turned her attentions to someone else. We sat where we assumed we were being led.

Our waiter then came by with waters and left. Didn’t take other drink orders or even tell us his name. When he came back to take our food orders, he seemed exasperated that I was asking what came on the oyster sandwich and the burger. Sooorry.

Anyway, the burger was delicious, as just about every other Atlanta blogger has stated. Everything on the burger was buttery and greasy (this is a good thing). My favorite part was the crunchy edges around the otherwise super-soft bread (made in-house). Mario, the burger guru, even said that with bacon (which you can’t add) it would be better than Five Guys. And that means A LOT coming from him! However, we both thought that more than 10 french fries would have improved the dish exponentially.

Holeman+Finch is a small space, but that just facilitates socializing, especially when lubricated with the mixologist’s (who’s probably even more talked-about than the burger) concoctions. H+F has some really “adventurous” items on its menu, like souse (look it up), but I think I’ll stay on the safe side and try the deviled eggs three ways and oyster sandwich on my next visit.


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