Caryn’s Cakes

Here’s a quickie post while I study for two tests, write a fellowship proposal, and make more substantial posts on a girls’ night out last weekend and Taste of Atlanta.

It’s probably no secret now that I’m a certified cupcake addict. Well, I’ve found my new pusher, and she’s fortunately/unfortunately in walking distance of my place. Caryn’s Cakes appears to mostly be a wedding/special events cake shop (think “Ace of Cakes”), but they also have some amaaazing cupcakes, which I discovered when I walked over to pick up 2 last week:

Caryn's Cupcackes

Caryn's Cupcackes

I tried a cappuccino cupcake (left) and a “daily special” hazelnut. I’m not a huge chocolate cake fan, but I do love coffee-flavored things, so I enjoyed the cappuccino cupcake. The cake was super moist, the icing was super light, and I’m pretty sure that was actual espresso drizzled on top. The hazelnut was by far my favorite, with again, really moist cake with a generous sprinkling of hazelnuts that probably could have been a great muffin on its own. The icing was different from the light stuff on the first cupcake, and it was sooo good, but almost too sweet (that’s really saying something coming from me).

Happily, these are more cupcake-sized than, say, the monsters I pick up at Whole Foods, but are a little on the pricey side ($6 for two). I’d recommend a cold glass of milk with these sweet treats, and am recommending to myself to only stop by every other week…I’d like to go every day!

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  • Charis S.

    This place reminds me of this OTHER cupcake place in Atlanta, I went on their website yesterday…called CamiCakes cupcakes, & they looked SO GOOD…I have GOT to get out there soon!

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