Atlanta’s Hottest Meals on Wheels

Food trucks have long been a staple in other major metropolises, but due to a myriad of restrictive laws, Atlanta is just catching up to the game. Luckily though, there are a number of vendors who hit the ground running and are serving up some truly inspired food from these mobile restaurants.

Good Food Truck: Known for their intriguing hand-held food combos like cones (Zanzibar cone: filled with roasted beet and mango salad) and the Poodle (French-toasted bun with hot dog, topped with apple maple slaw, and either mustard or syrup-or both!), the aptly-named Good Food Truck can be found around town at art walks, festivals, and farmers markets. Its Facebook page can keep you updated on its location.


Yumbii: Arguably the best known food truck in Atlanta, Yumbii serves Korean-inspired fare furnished by Hankook Taqueria.  You can stay informed of their weekly ramblings via their webpage or Twitter feed, and they’re usually in the Metro area if you want to pick up a delicious (and cheap!) lunch–$2 for tacos and $5 for burritos.  But don’t expect the usual ground meat and cheese here, Yumbii serves up spicy pork, beef, chicken, or tofu topped with sesame salad and sweet & spicy sauces.


Westside Creamery: Imagine an ice cream truck from your childhood.  Now get rid of the rocket pops, fudgesicles, and mind-numbing music, and add artisanal ice cream in flavors like salted butter caramel and milk & honey.  That’s some of what you’ll find on Westside Creamery’s ice cream truck.  Demand for those unique flavors is what inspired owner Maggie Rentz and her husband to start an ice cream business, but the decision to “[buy] a truck (as opposed to opening a shop) boiled down a) money, and b) time.”  We’re glad they did, because now you can find them all over town slinging scoops.