Until We Meet Again, Atlanta

2011 is turning out to be an amazing year so far. I’ve successfully defended my master’s thesis, had a paper approved for publication in a scientific journal, graduated with my second degree from Georgia Tech, and my wedding is coming up in October (plus a highly anticipated honeymoon). And now I have some bittersweet news to add to the list: I accepted an AMAZING job offer in my major field…..in Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, I’m leaving the place I now consider my second home, Atlanta.

Since starting First Bite about 2 years ago, I feel that I have learned more about Atlanta and fallen more in love with the city than I had in the 5 years previous. I’ve been given a lot of great opportunities, made a lot of great contacts, and eaten a lot of great food. I hope that continuing the blog in Jacksonville will help me to quickly learn about the community and culture there, and I’m really looking forward to it.

This wouldn’t be a proper post-Oprah goodbye without mentioning the woman herself, so in her words, “I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say: until we meet again.”

Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Skyline

  • jimmy

    congrats on the new job!

    i could spend hours thinking of bucket list places, but maybe some excellent sushi? True omakase at Tomo, Huku, MF, or Hayakawa.

  • John K.

    Congratulations with everything! I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Get a drink at the Sundial if you never have.

  • Jessica

    Thanks both of you! I have been to the Sundial, but that would be a nice going-away view.

    Great sushi suggestions, I’m also counting on being able to get good sushi in a beach city!

  • http://www.roamandhome.com Valentine

    Check out Sushi Nami in Alpharetta – my fave when in town and never miss a visit here.

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