Corner Taco

I’m feeling excited for Jacksonville. Food trucks are starting to pop up here and there despite some currently restrictive laws–something I think is a sign of a thriving metropolis. Corner Taco is one of these new trucks, and I was so impressed by my lunch there that I’m typing this with some carnitas possibly still stuck in my teeth.

Mario and I tracked down Corner Taco’s Airstream trailer today for lunch:

Corner Taco

Corner Taco

Mario’s order was easy–1 of each type of chicken on the menu (marinated and dijon buttermilk fried). I went back and forth over my order (disappointed the shrimp tacos weren’t being offered :-()and finally settled on the carnitas and espresso-blackened mahi-mahi:

Taco Arrangement

Taco Arrangement

Mario was a little worried about his fried chicken taco, since he is not a fan of mustard (though how anyone doesn’t like Dijon is beyond me). However, he found the mustard taste sufficiently understated while still adding good flavor. The other chicken taco, which like most other items is marinated in Corner Taco’s housemade Fresh Thyme Vinaigrette (which is also apparently good enough for them to bottle and sell ) also earned a thumbs-up from Mario. My mahi taco was decent, but I have to qualify this by saying that I tried the carnitas taco first. Oh. My. Goodness. The pork was tender and juicy (but not messy) and super flavorful. All the tacos were topped with red cabbage and a sweet chili + lemon sauce. Mario surprised me again by saying he actually liked the cabbage crunch; he usually picks off anything even remotely vegetable-like. The best part was that they were quite generous with the protein portions (never change!). AND their tortillas are made fresh daily–you can tell!

Support local food! Track down Corner Taco via their Twitter or Facebook page. They also apparently have a semi-permanent location at the beach next to Lemon Bar, if you’re not one to hunt for your food :-)

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  • chrisdickerson

    Thank you for the review and thank you for stopping by! We should have the mayport shrimp next time you drop by. We couldn’t get any that met our standards and we don’t substitute with farm-raised. My cell is 904-234-8843 if you want to call or text in advance to make sure.

    Next time, try the mahi and shrimp together!



  • Devon Stiles

    Glad you had a better experience than I did.. :)

  • firstbite

    I read yours before I went and was hoping they had improved. Give it another try?