Mother Fletcher’s

I have come to realize that I eat food out of a truck about once a week now. Just doing my part to support the local economy–and not to worry, brick-and-mortars, I usually make a point to “eat local” at least once over the weekend too. One of my favorite trucks, Mother Fletcher’s, specializes in filet mignon sandwiches…that’s right, one of the best parts of the cow now comes with cheese (and maybe a few other things) and is portable. This will be a short post, because I can never bring myself to change my order here. I always get the Black and Bleu, blackened filet mignon with bleu cheese and savory sauce:

Black and Bleu

Black and Bleu

Incredibly tender, impeccably seasoned steak + bleu cheese (which I love) in Mother Fletchers’ crazy-soft bread. Yum! I’m not enamored with the hand-cut chips that come as part of the combo (not salty enough) but for other menu recommendations, I hear their falafel is outstanding and their teriyaki chicken wings are a bit of a cult favorite. A coworker was quite upset to find they weren’t available on a recent visit.

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