Meeting Again

Just shy of 3 years ago I wrote a post saying not goodbye, but Until We Meet Again to Atlanta. In another bittersweet turn of events, that time has come. I left that job in my major field to make a pretty crazy career change and join an ice cream company.

Of course, with the job change came another big move–back to the city we love, but away from the city (and friends) we’d grown to love. I wrote in my goodbye Atlanta post that I hoped this blog would help me quickly learn about the community and culture in Jacksonville, and it really, really did. I met so many wonderful people and had some unforgettable experiences and opportunities presented to me through Jacksonville’s food community. I wrote a column for the Florida Times-Union, was included in a cookbook, and judged some food cook-offs, to name a few.

I did hit a bunch of my Jacksonville favorites before leaving–Picasso’s, Olio, French Pantry, Orsay (a bunch of times), Corner Taco (in their new brick-and-mortar location), and many more…and of course, the beach.

Now, I have to decide in what direction I’ll take this blog. Can I still critique restaurants since my company supplies to a number of them in the Atlanta area? I may just start posting on things I’m cooking (something I used to do much more often). We shall see….and I hope that those tens of you out there reading hang around for the ride.

So this time, I’ll close with a photo of one of my new favorite skylines…and another “until we meet again.”

Downtown Jacksonville

  • Buddha

    Best wishes for your new career.